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Web developer who loves to see the world and things that grow


I have lived most of my life in Jyväskylä, Finland, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen the world. I have been JAMKO’s International tutor for one year. I have had student exchange for one academic semester in KMUTT, Bangkok, Thailand. I’m interested in Japanese culture and I have done some Cosplay. I draw and paint sometimes and like to take photos when I travel.

Love of things that grow

When I was a little girl I put citrus seeds in flower pots. Now we have a large citrus tree in our living room which has been cut quite many times. I have also done experimenting with dates and pineapple. My biggest passion are carnivorous plants. Those are quite like pets to me.

Where the sun shines

There are many good things in Finland, but I dislike dark winters and rainy summers. I have travelled in Europe, but also in Asia and Australia. When my boyfriend told me he was going for a student exchange to Thailand I made a hard decision to travel with him. We made an amazing trip from there to meet my relatives in Australia and a dream come true when we visited Japan. We must take time to travel for a longer period to both Australia and Japan to explore more!

While traveling we have had chance to experience a lot. As highlights I would mention riding a camel and elephant and having a night swim in Andaman sea with glowing plankton. When it comes to ethics, it has taken a long careful planning to find the best possible places.

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